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US Vietnam War Army Helmet - The M-1 helmet has been in service of the United States armed forces since the days of WWII. The example shown here was produced in 1972. Some of the highlights of helmets produced during this time period include:

1) Unlike in previous years, no brass was employed in the manufacturing of these helmets.
2) The ends of the flat clip were changed from round to square.
3) The helmet band continued being produced.
4) The strap buckle found on the chin strap was produced from corrosion resistant materials.
5) The helmet color was 10Y Munsell.

The helmet displayed here has an ERDL pattern camouflaged cover. The helmet band was employed to hold miscellaneous items such as oil bottles, ammo clips, etc. As used during the Vietnam war by American ground troops.

Of two piece construction. Where the liner could be separated from the helmet shell.

Notice the date found inside the liner's tag (October 1972). The chin strap clip is flat and painted black. The helmets of this period continued using sand as an aggregate to the paint, which accounts for their bumpy texture.

All helmet liners and suspension systems were marked in black ink or had a paper tag containing information such as date of manufacturing, manufacturer's name, contract number, etc. Most of the tags in the liners are missing because they were made out of paper, which would wear very easily.


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