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This section of the website discusses the anatomy of German badges. Getting an understanding of the elements of the badges and awards will enhance the ability the enthuisiast in determining the authenticity of a item. This information can also be helpful in establishing the age of the collectible.

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The costal line represents a point of entry, via sea or air, into the mainland. This is a very strategic area that has to be defended at all cost. No commanding officer can allow the enemy to establish a beach head from where to land troops and equipment for an invasion. Hitler knew this and as a result he established the coastal defenses.

The Coastal Artillery badge was issued to kriegsmarine personnel for distinguished service in the maning of coastal artillery. This is a single piece construction badge.

The bottom of the badge has a catch with a rounded base. The piece is soldered directly to the main body of the badge.

The top of the badge has a very robust hinge. It is attached to the body by using a rectangular plate soldered directly to the badge.

The back of the badge shows the manufacturer's name with protruded letters. The name in this example is the S.H.u. co. It is important to note that not all the badges were marked.

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