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This is a WWII Fleet War badge. This badge was established on April 30th, 1941. It was designed by Adolf Bock of Berlin. The criteria for receiving the badge was to have proof of distinction and good conduct in the execution of missions inside a battleship or cruiser, for at least 12 weeks.

Other qualifying criteria included:

  1. When the mission was particularly effective and the individual showed great leadership or was killed in action.
  2. Survivors of ships that were sunk by the enemy. Or if the crew member was wounded during action.
  3. For participating in two missions near Iceland.

The shape of the badge is that of an oval wreath. An eagle has been placed in the upper portion of the oval. It has the wings spread out and the head faces left. As with most badges, the eagle is clutching a swastika. Right below that is the frontal view of a destroyer. The waves at the bow are parting as to indicate motion. The main guns are facing forward. Nice detailing to windows. Very sharp and square. Other components of the ship have similar definition. Normally the wreath would be guilded, however, it is common for the color to wear out through normal use and time. The color turns into a shade of silver/gray.

The back of the badge is plain and has a slight convex shape to it. A vertical "Coke" shape Pin is provided. It is Hinged at the top and has a catch at the opposite side that secures it in the closed position. The back also shows Manufacturing marks. They are stamped near the center and read "DEFCHIER - Munchen".

The sailor would wear the badge by passing the pin through loops sewn onto the jacket.

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The German High Seas Fleet Badge

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