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WWII GERMAN MILITARY AND CIVILIAN PATCHES - The German armed forces during WWII developed a large variety of cloth insignia. The designs and materials employed in the development of the patches make these items very interesting to collect.

The Germans were among the first to use subdued patches. Some examples of camouflaged construction were used by the SS troops.

Construction materials for the patches varied greatly. From regular cotton to some very interesting bullion designs. The officers had the prerogative to be able to have taylor made patches. Some of these were of very high quality construction and very nice looking.

This section of the website provides a pictorial history of the Third Reich patches. A combination of military, political, Hitler Youth and paramilitary organizations are covered. The data provided allows the enthusiast to identify cloth insignia of the Third Reich. Additional data outlines the value of the collectibles over a period of time.

This service is provided free of charge to the visitor/enthusiast courtesy of MilitaryItems.com, a company dedicated to the preservation of military history and to providing quality military antiques and collectibles to museums, institutions and the general public.


WWII GERMAN LUFTWAFFE LUFTNACHRICHTEN PATCH - In the shape of a triangle. Blue wool background with a "V" pattern in white following the perimeter.

WWII GERMAN TELEPHONE OPERATOR PATCH - This patch was issued to personnel that manned the telephone switchboards. Blue wool construction. Circular shape. Lightning bolts criss crossing each other.

WWII GERMAN ADMINISTRATION NCO PATCH - Circular shape. Blue wool construction. a modified letter "V" is placed in the center and is embroidered in white cotton thread.

WWII AIRCRAFT EQUIPMENT ADMINISTRATION PATCH - Round shape patch with the design of a radial engine done in white thread. A propellor is also visible. The background should be wool but has been eaten off by moths.

WWII GERMAN FLAK PERSONNEL PATCH - Blue wool construction with a black cloth background. The blue wool in this example has been eaten off by moths. White embroidered 88 cannon.

WWII LUFTWAFFE FLYING PERSONNEL PATCH - Blue wool background with white embroidered design of two wings and a propellor in front. the shape of the patch is unusual.

WWII LUFTWAFFE RADIO OPERATOR PATCH - The design consists of a white wreath in oval shape with an eagle in a diving position. Lightning bolts are seen in the feet section. Blue wool background.

WWII GERMAN TELEPHONE OPERATOR PATCH - This is a round patch. Blue wool construction. Zig Zag lightning bolts entertwine. Issued to personnel who managed the telephone switchboard.

WWII GERMAN LUFTWAFFE ARTILLERY LIUTENANT COLLAR TAB - Fiber board covered with red felt. The collar tab is bordered with silver rope. A silver seagull and wreath are placed on the face.

WWII UNTERFELDWEBEL AND LUFTWAFFE FAHNRICH RANK - Large rectangular piece of dark felt with two large cotton seagulls sewn to the main body.

WWII LUFTWAFFE BREAST EAGLE PATCH FOR TUNIC - This is the standard eagle for enlisted personnel. Blue/Gray backing with a white cotton eagle embroidered on the surface.

GERMAN WWII LUFTWAFFE OBERSCHUTZE PATCH - Consisting of a dark green felt citcle with a white cotton pip embroidered on the surface.

WWII GERMAN MASTER RADIOMAN PATCH - Dark green wool oval with six lightning bolts eminating from the center. The lightning bolts are yellow in color.

WWII GERMAN LUFTWAFFE PARATROOPER PATCH - The design consists of a Luftwaffe eagle diving while clutching a swastika on its talons. A wreath is placed behind the eagle. Blue/Gray wool construction.


WWII GERMAN ZOLLBEAMTE CUFF TITLE - This is a thin green piece of cloth that went around the cuff of the uniform. An eagle in white cotton is sewn on the front of the cuff title.

WWII GERMAN ARMY EDELWEISS MOUNTAIN TOOPS PATCH - Embroidered onto a restangular section of green material. The style is known as Bevo. The back shows loosely tied threads.

WWII GERMAN ARMY ARTILLERY SHOULDER BOARDS - Very high quality design. Consisting of a piece of fiber board covered with red felt material. Metal crossed canons are applied to the top. Two pips are also attached.

WWII GERMAN ARMY BREAST EAGLE - This is the standard eagle for the army uniform. It is sewn above the front pocket. Green background with a white cotton eagle in front.

WWII GERMAN ARMY CLOTH EAGLE - Cotton eagle placed over a wool background. Green color wool. This eagle was worn on the breast area.

WWII GERMAN MEDICAL DOCTOR DEVICE - Of metal construction, solif body with two prongs in the back. in the shape of a snake wrapping around a stick. these devices were applied to the shoulder boards.

WWII GERMAN SHOOTING AWARD FRONT - This is the metal insignia that was attached to the shooting lanyard issued to Luftwaffe personnel.

WWII GERMAN KRETA CUFF TITLE - This is the cuff title that was issued to soldiers who participated in the Crete campaign.

WWII GERMAN ARMY HAT EAGLE - One interesting aspect about this hat eagle is that it remains in part of the original roll in which it was manufactured. Sewn to overseas hat.

WWII GERMAN ARMY FERRIER QUALIFICATION PATCH - This is a qualification sewn near the cuff section of the sleeve. Of dark green wool background construction with a yellow horse show embroidered to front.


WWII GERMAN NAVY MEDICAL RATINGS PATCH - The design consists of an oval metal shape covered with black felt material. A metal anchor and other accoutrements are painted in gold and attached to the patch.

WWII GERMAN NAVY DRIVER PETTY OFFICER PATCH - This is a metal cloth oval with a black felt front. A metal anchor is placed in the front and has a wheel at the center. All painted gold color.

WWII GERMAN NAVAY OFFICER BREAST EAGLE - This is a beautifully gold color emboidered breast eagle. On a black felt background. The eagle is clutching a wreath with a Swastika in it. - Coming Soon

WWII GERMAN NAVY SPORTS SHIRT PATCH - This is a Kriegsmarine sports patch. Sewn to a white t-shirt used by Navy athletes in training and competition.

WWII GERMAN NAVY TALLY - This is a cloth band that was attached to the field hat employed by sailors in the German Kriegsmarine.

WWII GERMAN NAVY COASTAL ARTILLERY EAGLE - This is a WWII German Kriegsmarine coastal artillery breast eagle. Of cotton construction.

WWII GERMAN NAVY RATING PATCH - This is a WWII German Kriegsmarine rating patch. Of cotton construction. Worn on shoulder. White background with blue anchor.

WWII GERMAN NAVY CARPENTER RATING PATCH - This is a WWII German Kriegsmarine carpenter rating patch. Of wool construction. Worn on shoulder. Blue background with yellow anchor.

WWII GERMAN NAVY OVERSEAS HAT ROUNDEL - This is a WWII German Kriegsmarine tri-color roundel. Of cotton construction. Sewn to front of overseas hat. Blue triangle with black, white and red circles.

WWII GERMAN NAVY OVERSEAS HAT EAGLE - This is a WWII German Kriegsmarine navy eagle. Of cotton construction. Sewn to front of overseas hat. Black border with yellow embroidered eagle.


WWII GERMAN NSKK BREAST EAGLE - The NSKK was the motor division. the patch is of cotton construction. Green pea background with a white eagle that has a scroll above that reads NSKK.

WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH DJ PATCH - Introduced in 1943. this patch was designed to be worn on the left arm. The design consists of a red circle with a single white rune.

WWII GERMAN RBL ARM EAGLE PATCH - Of cotton construction. The pach conssists of an eagle leaning sideways and holding the RLB logo. This is the early logo with the swastika in the center.

WWII GERMAN RAD 193 UNIT PATCH - The RAD was an organization dedicated to public works. Membership was mandatory for 2 years by all youth. The organization had several units. The patch shown here is for one of those units.

WWII GERMAN RAD 316 UNIT PATCH - The RAD was an organization dedicated to public works. Membership was mandatory for 2 years by all youth. The organization had several units. The patch shown here is for one of those units.

WWII GERMAN VETERAN PATCH - Germany had a strong Veteran's organization. This patch was worn on the veteran's uniform. Of cotton construction. Shows a Maltese Cross with a circle and a swastika in the center.

WWII HITLER YOUTH PROFICIENCY AWARD PATCH - The purpose of the badge was to reward Hitler Youth members who had improved their ideological and physical performance. of cotton construction.

WWII GERMAN POLICE SHOULDER BOARDS - Of wool and cotton construction. The base of the boards is a dark green wool with an opening for the button. The sides were lined with a silver material.

WWII GERMAN NSDAP OBERABSCHNITTSLEITER IN ORTSGRUPPEN COLLAR TABS - Of black wool construction. Golden eagle with wreath. Matching border.

WWII GERMAN NSDAP ORTSGRUPPE LEADER COLLAR TABS - This is a set of tabs with brown felt construction. Eagle on upper section with four pips distributed in the center.

WWII GERMAN NSDAP COMMUNITY LEADER COLLAR TABS - This is a set of tabs with a dark brown background. Eagle in upper section, four pips and a single stripe at the bottom.

WWII GERMAN FORESTRY INSIGNIA - This is a beautifully crafted metal leaf with two acorns at the end. Equipped with prongs to attach to either collar tabs or shoulder boards.

WWII GERMAN MRBO BREAST EAGLE - This eagle was designed in 1841. It was issued to personnel tasked with the management of the conquered lands in the Eastern front.

WWII GERMAN RED CROSS COLLAR TAB - This was the collar tab used by Red Cross personnel. The design includes a metal red cross attachment.

WWII GERMAN CUSTOMS SHOULDER BOARD - This is the shoulder board used by Customs agents. Green and white pattern. Gold pip with three letter pin.

WWII GERMAN CUSTOMS COLLAR TAB - This was the collar tab used by Customs agents. Bakelite-like material backing. Green background with silver thread.

WWII DUTCH VOLUNTEER CUFF TITLE - This was the cuff title worn by Dutch foreign volunteers. Of cotton construction. Orange background with black embroidered letters.

WWII RDB EAGLE PATCH - This was the .


WWII GERMAN ARMY CAMOUFLAGED BREAST EAGLE - of cotton construction. Eagle is embroidered in white thread and placed over a section of camouflaged material. Used with camo smock.

WWII GERMAN WAFFEN SS MOUNTAIN TROOPS EDELWEISS PATCH - Black wool background. oval shape. White perimeter outlines with cotton thread. Edelweiss placed inside.

WWII GERMAN 11TH SS CUFF TITLE - Of cotton construction. Silver border applied to the top and bottom. Number 11 embroidered with the same material.

WWII GERMAN SS COLLAR RANK - A beautifully constructed set. One collar tab has three pips. The other the SS runnes done on silver thread. Frosting remains present.

WWII GERMAN SS UNIFORM BUTTON - Of metal construction with a pebbled front. Silver color. The back shows SS stamping. Made by the SHuCO company. Dated 1939.

WWII GERMAN FORMER SS POLICE PATCH - This is a green wool patch with white SS runned that was attached to the police tunic in order to indicate former membership to the SS.

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