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WWII GERMAN FLAGS - Hitler's Germany employed a large number of flags. They were used as symbols for pride and patriotism. Flags were manufactured in all sizes and colors, almost always displaying the swastika. Some of the flags were inspired by the Roman empire. The variety and sizes of the flags have made them a very desirable collectible.

This page provides a comprehensive pictorial look at the flags of the Third Reich. it helps the collector and military enthusiast identify the flags and determine their present value. This information is brought to you courtesy of MilitaryItems.com, the source for military antiques and collectibles in the web.


The primary political flag used during the Third Reich was the one for the Nazi party. The National Socialist German Workers' Party, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, abbreviated NSDAP, commonly known in English as the Nazi Party (from the German Nazi, abbreviated from the pronunciation of Nationalsozialist), was a political party in Germany between 1919 and 1945. It was known as the German Workers' Party (DAP) prior to a change of name in 1920.

WWII GERMAN POST OFFICE FLAG This is a very heavy duty, high quality construction postal flag. It would hang at the post office. The name of the town is placed in a separate brown cloth.

WWII GERMAN NAZI PENDANT This is a standard Nazi party pendant. It was hung from a rope that went from building to building or post to post. Red background with white circle.

WWII GERMAN NAZI PARTY BUILDING FLAG Of cotton construction. Red color with a white circle in the center. Black swastika inside the circle. Double sided. Rectangular shape.

WWII GERMAN SA SECTOR FLAG This is a heavy duty flag with quality fringes around the perimeter. A Brown felt square section is sewn to one corner and displays the name of the SA sector.

WWII GERMAN NAZI PARTY FLAG This is the standard Nazi party flag. Red body with a separate white circle and swastika placed on both sides of the flag.

WWII GERMAN FLAG This is a very interesting flag. Not sure for what purpose. Square shape with white circle and swastika. Iron Cross placed on one corner. Re-enforced leather corners.

WWII GERMAN DRIVING CLUB BANNER Of white cotton construction. banner type design with a red cross pattern flaked by black lines. Oval logo placed in the center with eagle inside.

WWII GERMAN PODIUM OR TABLE FLAG Rectangular shape flag. Single sided. Gold stripe applied to the border. Standard white circle with black swastika found in the center.

WWII GERMAN NAZI PENDANT This is a standard Nazi party pendant. It was hung from a rope that went from building to building or post to post. Red background with white circle.

WWII GERMAN NAZI WINDOW FLAG This is a standard Nazi party flag but the bottom section has a series of small weights sewn in a belt pattern. This design provided stability when hung out.


each of the branches of the German military forces developed their own flags. Smaller groups within each organization also designed and flew their own flags. Each flag normally contains an element particular to the branch of service. For example, a Luftwaffe flag will display a Luftwaffe eagle.

The size of the flag will vary depending on how it will be used. The smaller flags were used on vehicles or similar venues. Larger flags were used in meeting halls, headquarters, etc.

GERMAN WWII NAVY BATTLE FLAG Rectangular shape. One end has stamps that read Kr. Fl. 80x135. red color body with an Iron Cross placed on one corner.

WWII GERMAN STATE FLAG Of cotton construction. This flag is fairly large. Rectangular shape. The flag shows worn areas to indicate it was flown at one point.

WWII GERMAN LUFTWAFFE SCOOL FLAG This is a very large flag. Of cotton construction. A blue ink stamp with the Luftwaffe eagle and the letters L.S. is found on one corner.

WWII GERMAN NAVY KRIEGSMARINE FLAG This is a combat flag used by the Kriegsmarine. Of cotton construction. Manufacturing markings applied to one side of the flag. reads Lerenz Summa Sohne.

WWII GERMAN FLAG Of cotton construction. Red body with a large circle in the center. Swastika has white runners around the perimeter. State eagle in one corner.

WWII GERMAN PORT PILOT FLAG This is the flag that was used on boats that helped big ships safely navigate their way into the maritime ports.


The flag poles were often adorned with different type of toppers. The ornaments consist of a metal piece which screwed to the top. The mottiff was varied depending on the organization that ordered the topper. There were political toppers, military toppers, etc.

WWII GERMAN NAZI FLAG POLE TOPPER - The design consists of an eagle with the wings fully spread . A wreath is placed just below the eagle. A swastika is found inside the wrearh.

WWII GERMAN NSBO FLAG POLE TOPPER - Of metal construction. Very decorative design which includes a section of a gear with a hand holding a hammer which has a swastika in the center.

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