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This section of the website provides a list of some of the most commonly asked questions regarding German WWII collectibles. The answers cover multiple aspects of German collectibles history.

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I have come into possession of German item. how much is it worth? The Third reich produced a large number of items. Several of them are adorned witht he swastika. The value of the item depends on several factors. Unfortunatelly there are a large number of replicas in the market. The first step is to determine if the item real or not. If the item is original the next important things to consider are the condition and rarity. The better the condition the more likely the value will increase.

To view different examples and price guides for German items you can visit our German collectibles site.

I have searched all over the place and I cannot find an item that matches mine. Why? The Germans manufactured a large number of different variations of military and non-military items during WWII. It is not likely that a single source will have the information on every item that was produced.

The Germans made a multitude of items that are now collectibles, such as tinnies, dinner ware, hats, match holders, flags, etc.

We have several examples of German collectibles on display in our German collectibles page. Check that area and see if you can find it.

The item I have is rusty and/or dirty. how can I clean it? We recomend that you do not clean the items. You may cause damage to it if it is cleaned improperly. You are better off leaving the item alone.

How can I tell the material of construction for my item? There were a series of materials employed: Aluminum, Iron, Zinc, wood, bakelite, Tombac, etc. We have a fairly comprehensive list of construction materials based on the type of item you have.

Go to our main site and look for the construction materials based on the class of item you own.

How can I tell if my tiem is original? Determining the authenticity of German collectibles can be a dificult activity. There are a large number of reproductions available in the market. In some cases they have been produced since right after the war. so you can have a reproduction that is almost as old as the original item.

It takes experience to determine if an item is real. We offer a section dedicated to identifying fakes and reproductions for many different military items. This section will give you some basic pointers that might help you determine the truth. However, it does not cover every single possibility.

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