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Bronze Tank Badge - Front

WWII GERMAN TANK BADGE BRONZE - REPRODUCTION - this is a currently produced fake of a Bronze Panzer Badge hallmarked witha AS in a rounded triangle. Assmann did in fact produce Panzer badges, but original Assmann badges tended to be hollow back with the stylized Assmann A in raised relief in between the bogies. Please refer to Militaria Magazine #14 April 1995. On page 5 they show your exact panzer badge with the following caption-A reproduction which has appeared in recent years. On the reverse we can read the initials AS within a triangle.

Bronze Tank Badge - Back Bronze Tank Badge - Marking

The quality here is much improved compared to earlier fakes: the casting is more detailed and the metal is of good quality. This widely circulated insignia has fooled many collectors.

And here is another comment from one of our visitors:

The maker mark on the fake bronze tank assault is actually an attempt at reproducing the logo of the company Adolph Scholze, not FW Assmann. The Scholze company used a stylized AS logo inside a triangle while Assmann normally used a raised or stamped stylized A.

This point further illustrates the difficulty being faced by collectors trying to obtain original WWII German badges. Once again it is stressed that the best defense against fraud is to deal with a reputable dealer.

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