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Japanese military collectibles are not available in the market as readily as the German and American counterparts. part of the reason may be that much of the equipment was destroyed after the war. Helmets were melted so the iron could be re-used. Many of the swords and bayonets were thrown in the ocean. In some cases it was exported to other countries to be used by their military forces.

The scarcity of the items has fueled a market for reproductions. Many of these items are coming from China and India. Their fidelity to the real thing can be quite good.

The following table provides pointers that will help you identify Japanese military reproductions.

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Military collectible What to look for

The material is not quite right. The color and texture are not the same as the original versions. Also, look closely at the buttons. They display some variances from the real thing.


pay close attention to the weight of the helmet. The color of the paint will be off from the original ones. Perhaps the biggest give-away is the liner. The new one does not show the wear and texture of the old one. Look at the rivets. The new ones are different from the WWII period.


Pay close attention to the scabbard. The construction on the new one is not exactly the same as the original one. The wooden grips do not show the color and texture the old ones do.

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