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THE US MILITARY UNIFORM - The following is a list of some of the tags that were used in the US military uniforms during the Vietnam war. This section covers primarily the tags that were produced by military factories.

Soldiers had the option to have their uniforms made by private tailors. These shops would produce the uniform according to the proper military standards but would place their own tag instead of the official military production one. There were hundreads, if not thousands, of private tags produced. We will only show a handful of those because they do not really contain much information in them.

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The following section covers photos of the clothing tags from combat uniforms used during the Vietnam war. The clothing iems covered are pants, tunics and field jackets. Tags between 1960 and 1966 look very similar to each other. The changes in the information displayed began in 1967. From 1967 to 1975 the format remained almost unchanged.

US Army 1941 Dress Jacket Pocket Tag.

Cont. W-669-qm-11583
Dated April 1, 1941
Spec No. 8-31 D
Dated Feb 7, 1940
Stock no. 55-C-69446
Phila. Q.M. Depot
42 R

US Army 1941 Dress Jacket Pocket Tag.

Coat, Wool Serge, OD
Contract qm-29852
Dated July (illegible)
Stock No. C-69356
Quartermaster tentative
Spec P.O.D. No. 197
Dated July 10, 1942
Phila Q.M. Depot
Size 34 S

1945 US Army Trousers tag

Trousers, Field, Wool
Serge OD 33,
18 oz Special
Stock No. 55-T-35531-31
Size 31x31
Durable Pants Co. Inc.
P.O. 18305
Dated March 26, 1945
Spec P.O.D. No. 353-P
Pattern Date 1/10/45
Phila Q.M. Depot

1945 USMC Dress Jacket Underarm Ink Stamp
College Hall Fashions
Contract no. m 47938
Date March 29, 1945

1946 US Army Ike Jacket

Jacket, Field, Wool, OD
  1. Fit over woolen undershirt, woolen shirt, high neck wool sweater.
  2. Provide for complete unobstructed movement of the arm.
  3. Use waitband tabs to make necessary adjustments when weather requires wearing fewer layers of clothing. Always wear under the windproof, water-repellent jacket, Field M-1943 or equivalent when in use in field.

Jacket, Field, Wool O.D.
Stock No. 55-J-384-595
36 R
Sigmund Eisner Co.
P.O. No. 4920
Dated June 11, 1946
Pattern dated 5/10/44
Spec. P.O. D. No. 437 A
Q.M. Purchasing N.Y.

1949 US Army Tank Destroyer Ike Jacket

Jackets, wool, O.D.
Stock no. 55-j-569-682
Size 38 R
Herman D. Oritsky & Co.
Patt. Date May-24, 1946
Cont. Q.M. #11945-01-6298
Dated Feb. 9th. 1949
Spec U.S.A. #8-162
N.Y. Q.M. P.O.
100% WOOL


The following are examples of tags that are found in tailor made military dress uniforms. Soldiers had the opportunity to have their uniforms made by professional tailors if they so desired. The shops had to comply with the design and materials outlined by the particular branch of the armed forces.

US Marine Corps Dress Uniform

Bernhard, Schrag & Co.
Since 1921
Military & Naval
New York City

US Marine Corps Pilot's Dress Uniform Tag
Military Tailors
Corpus Vhristi - Pensacola

US Navy Pilot's Dress Uniform Jacket Tags

M. Born & Co.
Custom Tailoree
Since 1876

M. Born & Co.
B-39 no. 50911
For P.F. Reed
date 8-16-43
Iowa City, IA
US Navy Pilot's Dress Uniform Pants Tags

M. Born & Co.
31 1/4 - 31 1/2 no. 50911
For P F Reed
Date 8-16-43
Iowa City IA

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