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This section of the website provides a list of some of the most commonly asked questions regarding military fighting knives and swords.

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I have come into possession of an edge weapon. how much is it worth? This is a very good question and one that can be difficult to answer. There are several factors that contribute to the value of an edge weapom. The most important one is the overall condition of the item. Rust, fingerprints, nicks to the edge of the blade, and general damage are contributing factors that bring down the worth of the collectible.

We have over 30 edge weapons displayed in these locations:
  • Fighting Knives collection ,
  • WWII Edge weapons Price Guide ,
  • Vietnam war Edge weapons .

    Each item has multiple detailed photographs and a price guide. There is a good chance you'll find something similar to what you have there. Check back often. We add new blades to the collection regularly.

  • I have searched all over the place and I cannot find an edge weapon that matches mine. Why? There were countless variations of knives produced since WWI to the present. There is a chance that the edge weapon you have is one of a kind. It may not be documented anywhere else.

    The edge weapon is rusty and/or dirty. how can I clean it? We recomend that you do not clean the sword or knife. You may cause damage to it if it is cleaned improperly. You are better off leaving the item alone.

    How can I tell how old the knife is? Some knives and swords have their date of manufacture written on the blade or crossguard. However, things are not always this simple. When no date is present the best way to establish the date of an edge weapon is to learn the manufacturers that were around the time period and their products.

    There will be instances where the knife or sword is a one of a kind, such as a theater made edge weapon. In that case experience is your best bet.

    This website displays a collection of fighting knives and swords from various time periods.

    How can I tell if my edge weapon is original? It takes experience to determine if the knife or sword is real. We offer a section dedicated to identifying fakes and reproductions for many different military items. This section will give you some basic pointers that might help you determine the truth,

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