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If you own a German edge weapons such as a dagger, sword or knife you may want to learn more about it.

This section of the website answers some of the questions that we received in a frequent manner. if you have further questions feel free to email us by completing the contact form.

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I have come into possession of a German edge weapon. how much is it worth? The value of the edge weapon (dagger, sword, etc.) depends on several factors. Perhaps one of the most important things is the condition of the item. The better the condition the more likely the value will increase.

Additional factors that affect the value can be found in our WWII German Edge Weapons Collection.

I have searched all over the place and I cannot find a dagger that matches mine. Why? The Germans had a large variety of edge weapons. We have several examples in our WWII German Edge Weapons Collection. Check that area and see if you can find it.

The dagger is rusty and/or dirty. how can I clean it? We recomend that you do not clean the dagger. You may cause damage to it if it is cleaned improperly. You are better off leaving the item alone.

The edge weapon has some markings. How can I tell what they mean? Edge weapons such as daggers may have markings in multiple places. The meaning of the stampings couls include information about the manufacturer, the district in which the dagger was issued, etc.

We offer several tables with information about the markings. You can view Hilt Markings as well as blade markings.

How can I tell if my dagger is original? It takes experience to determine if the dagger is real. We offer a section dedicated to identifying fakes and reproductions for many different military items. This section will give you some basic pointers that might help you determine the truth.

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