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GERMAN WWII HITLER YOUTH BLADE MARKINGS - The Hither Youth originated in concept in the early 1920's when Baldur Von Schirach, later the Reichs leader of the HJ, formed the Ruhr-Hitler-Jugend.

After 1934 the Hitler Youth became a national youth formation absorbing all other German youth groups; Scharnhorst Youth, The Pathfinders, etc. In 1938 Hitler made it mandatory that all German youth between the ages of 10 and 18 become members of the Hitler Youth.

The following markings were often found on the HJ weapons, speciallt the HJ Fuhrer daggers. They generally appeared above the RZM marking or the maker's mark with the RZM number below. They were indicative of the HJ Group Command in which the weapon was issued.

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St Stam Hitler Jugend
St Riss Stam Hitler Jugend
1 Ostpreussen
2 Mark-Brandenburg
3 Berlin
4 Neidersachsen
5 Westfalen-Nord
6 Ruhr-Niederrheim
7 Koln-Aachen
8 Moselland
9 Hessen-Nassau
10 (Mitterland) Kurhessen
11 Mittelland
12 Sachsen
13 Thuringen
14 (Mittelland) Kurhessen
15 Mittelland
16 Sachsen
17 Thuringen
18 Franken
19 Hochland
20 Wurttemburg
21 Baden
22 Bayreuth
23 Mittelelbe
24 Mechlenburg
25 Westmark
26 Hamburg
27 Wien
28 Niederdonau
29 Oberdonau
30 Steirmark
31 Karnten
32 Salzburg
33 Tirol Vorarlberg
34 Dusseldorf
35 Sudetenland
36 Schwaben
37 Danzing  Westpreussen
38 Wartheland
39 Mainfranken
40 Oberschlesien
41 Ost Hannover
42 Westfalen Sud
43 Bohmen Und Mahren
44 Generalgouvernement
45 Belgien
46 Niederlande
47 Osten (Russia)
48 Ostland

The map illustrating some of the locations of the districts in Germany follows. Note that this map indicates the divisions as of 1937.

The following is a map of Germany that shows the Hitler Youth district locations as of the year 1942.

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