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The N.S.K.K. or Nationalsozialistische Kraftfahrkorps was a German organization established as a separate formation of the SA in about 1929. It was the Motor Transportation Formation of the N.S.D.A.P. and grew from the various SA transportation battalions of the 1920's.

The N.S.K.K. was assigned a dagger. All of which were of the SA style. Generally, these daggers were of the best quality. None were issued by the organization. Each individual would have to purchase their own when their uniform was issued.

The following is a list of the markings that would be found in the hilt of the dagger.

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N Nord (Hamburg)
O Ost (Berlin)
S Sud (Munich)
Mi Mitte (Nueremberg)
Mi Sud-Ost (Vienna)
I Motor Obergruppen
II Motor Obergruppen
III Motor Obergruppen
IV Motor Obergruppen
V Motor Obergruppen

The following is a list of the various motorized groups found stamped in the hilt of the NSKK dagger.

Ost Ostland
Sc Schlesien
He Hessen
Bin Berlin
Ni Niedersachsen
SW Sudwest
Ho Hochland
Fr Franken
Os Ostsee
KS Kurpfalz-Saar
Le Leipzig
Nr Niederrhein
No Nordmark
Ns Nordsee
MB Mark Brandenburg
Sa Sachsen
Th Thueringen
We Westfalen
WM Westmark
Om Ostmark
A Alpenland
Fg Egerland
Od Oberdonau
Da Danzig
Wa Warthegau
MBO Motorbrigade Bay-Ostmark
The German NSKK dagger

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