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The SA was the oldest paramilitary formation of the NSDAP and made its first appearance in November 1921 at a rally in the Munich Hofbrauhaus.  The SA was composed mainly from members of the various Freikorps formations.  Herman Goring was the founder of the SA.  His vision was to create a military unit for the NSDAP.

The SA dagger was without doubt the most widely produced dagger of the third Reich.  Manufactured by every single RZM maker (over 100 of them).  All degrees of quality are present.  From the exquisite to the very poor.  Approximatelly 5 million daggers were made between 1933 and 1944.

These are small abbreviations that were found in the lower langet of most SA service daggers between 1933 and 1945.

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This sample is marked "Nrh" indicating the dagger was issued in the "Niederrheim" district.

1 A Alpenland
2 BO Bayerische Ostmark
3 B Berlin-Brandenburg
4 Do Donau
5 Fr Franken
6 Ha Hansa
7 He Hessen
8 Ho Hochland
9 KP Kurpfalz
10 Mi Mitte
11 Nrh Niederrheim
12 Ns Niedersachsen
13 Nm Nordmark
14 No Nordsee
15 Ost Ostland
16 Om Ostmark
17 P Pommern
18 SA Sachsen (also SA)
19 S Schlesien
20 Su Sudeten
21 Sm Sudmark
22 Sw Sudwest
23 Th Thuringen
24 Wf Westfalen
25 Wm Westmark
26 W Feldhe
27 Nh Unknown
28 H Unknown
29 O Unknown
30 Oe Unknown
31 Nw Unknown
32 Ws Unknown
The German SA dagger

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The following is a map of Germany. The regions where the hilt markings were issued are indicated. These areas are known as GAU (Administrative Districts). Note that some of the boundries have changed since WWII, therefore, there may be some discrepancies regarding the exact location of the marking.

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