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WWII German M-35 SS Helmet -
The Schutzstaffel, abbreviated SS was a major Nazi organization under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. The SS grew from a small paramilitary unit to a powerful force that served as the Führer's "Praetorian Guard," the Nazi Party's "Shield Squadron" and a force that, fielding almost a million men (both on the front lines and as political police), managed to exert as much political influence as the Wehrmacht. Built upon the Nazi ideology, the SS, under Heinrich Himmler's command, was responsible for many of the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Nazis during World War II, and most of the worst of those crimes.

This is a WWII German SS Double Decal helmet. With the classic pea green combat color. An M-35 style helmet with the rolled rim. The sticker in one side is of the SS insignia. The other bears the swastika on a red background.

The helmet retains the original leather liner with the aluminum ring frame. Notice that the rivets are missing. It is impossible to determine when they were removed. The wear on top of the helmet is typical of the damage derived from placing it upside down on the ground.

The modern German helmet saw its birth during World War One. Its design was so advanced for the time that the German government saw it fit for the same basic design to be re-employed during World War Two.

The German helmet of World Wat Two has become one of the most recognizable silhouttes of war.

The helmetss of the Third Reich came in a variety of designs. There were approximatelly 9 different types developed. Even the non-military helmets often displayed the swastika as a means to show support of the Nazi party. The helmet was constructed of a combination of metal and leather.

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This view of the helmet shows the rolled edge. The leather liner has several fingers pointing towards the center. Fingers are attached via the use of a string. Tightening and loosening the string adjusts the height of how the helmet sits on the head.

This is a closer photo of the SS emblem. The angle of the lightning bolts. The placement of the sticker and the feel of the edge of the sticker provide indications of the authenticity of the helmet.

This type of helmet is very desirable and often times reproduced. The buyer must study the items carefully to make sure how to tell the difference between real and fake.

WWII German helmets are currently being reproduced. It is becoming more difficult to be able to tell the fake ones from the real ones because the quality of the reproductions is improving. The collector must become familiarized with the construction style and materials employed in the manufacturing of this headgear. Attention to the details is critical in order to be able to determine the authenticity of the collectible.

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