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The German Afrika Korps was the German expeditionary force in Libya and Tunisia during the North African Campaign of World War II. The force was kept as a distinct formation and became the main German contribution to Panzer Army Africa which evolved into the German-Italian Panzer Army and Army Group Africa.

The Afrika Korps was derived and formed upon Adolf Hitler's personal choice of Erwin Rommel to its command on February 12, 1941 (Rommel himself landed on African soil in Libya on February 14, 1941 to begin leading his forces that would be brought into action). The German Armed Forces High Command or Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW) and Army High Command or Oberkommando des Heeres (OKH) had decided to send a "blocking force" or Sperrverband to Libya to support the Italian army. The Italian army group had been routed by Commonwealth Force's counter-offensive led by the British Eighth Army,

The item featured here is a German army tropical helmet. As issued during WWII.

The design fo the helmet consistd of lightweight canvis construction. The rim extended the entire perimeter of the helmet. It was broad as to provide protection against the desert sun. the top of the dome was outfitted with a rounded device with four arches that provided air circulation.

A set of shields were attached to the sides of the helmet. One shield shows the national colors while the other displays the Army eagle. The back of each shield has metal prongs that pierced the canvis. Once in place the prongs were bent, securing the emblem firmly to the helmet.

The example shown here is equipped with the desert goggles. The main body if formed with brown rubber. The lenses are plastic. A brown elastic is provided.

The modern German helmet saw its birth during World War One. Its design was so advanced for the time that the German government saw it fit for the same basic design to be re-employed during World War Two.

The German helmet of World Wat Two has become one of the most recognizable silhouttes of war.

The helmetss of the Third Reich came in a variety of designs. There were approximatelly 9 different types developed. Even the non-military helmets often displayed the swastika as a means to show support of the Nazi party. The helmet was constructed of a combination of metal and leather.

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A leather sweatband is attached to a ring of corrufated metal. Sometimes the manufacturer's logo was stamped on the sweatband.

The inside of the dome is of red color. A green leather chin strap is riveted to the side of the helmet. The strap is fairly thin. The rim of the helmet is commonly damaged. It has a wire frame that cuts through the leather cover.

WWII German helmets are currently being reproduced. It is becoming more difficult to be able to tell the fake ones from the real ones because the quality of the reproductions is improving. The collector must become familiarized with the construction style and materials employed in the manufacturing of this headgear. Attention to the details is critical in order to be able to determine the authenticity of the collectible.

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