Panzer IV (Real photo)

Fire is a tanker's worst nightmare. The picture shows a Panzer IV tank that has been hit and caught on fire. The crew tried to get out but died in the attempt.

In this scene from the movie American soldiers move about a disabled Tiger tank.

KettenKrad (Real photo)

Perhaps one of the most curious vehicles of the movie, the KettenKrad was a mixture of a motorcycle and a tank. This vehicle was very well suited for any terrain, seeing alot of action in the Eastern front to the deserts of North Africa.

The KettenKrad was employed to move artillery, airplanes, to lay cables and just about any other heavy duty service.

Not very many of these machines were manufactured during the war and very few survived the conflict. Today most of the survivors rest in the hands of collectors although some are reported as being used in European vineyards.

Unknown tank (Real photo)

A mechanised vehicle is shown on the coiuntriside of Poland. Two people man the vehicle but no weapons are visible.

Ambulance (Real photo)

A soldier is standing by his ambulance. The photograph was taken during the invasion of Poland.

Motorcycle (Real photo)

The motorcycles played a key role in maintaining the communication links between the front line and the rear command post. Seen on this picture is a motorcycle rider on an unknown country road in Poland. The author is unsure as to the type of motorcycle shown.