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WWII German Flak Artillery Scope -
Flak artillery was used during WWII to defend the land against aircraft attacks. The name applies to a series of anti-aircraft guns officially called the 8,8 cm FlaK 18, 36 or 37. FlaK is a German contraction of Flugzeugabwehr-Kanone or Flugabwehr-Kanone (hence the capital K) meaning anti-aircraft cannon, the original purpose of the eighty-eight. In informal German use, the guns were universally known as the Acht-acht (8-8),

The scope featured here is the standard 10x80 flak binoculars.

This page is a recognition and identification guide for WWII German collectibles. Multiple detailed photos of a specific sample are provided. Descriptions point out clearly defined points that should be noted.

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The scope was tripod mounted. A view of the bottom shows the bracket that was used to secure to the tripod. The top of the binoculars have a wire structure. This was used as a sighting device. The operator would line up incoming aircraft in the proper position and then fire the gun.

A padded visor was placed in front of the optics. This was more comfortable for the operator. The lenses had long tubes which help eliminate interference from external light sources like the sun. The tubes were easily removed if necessary.

The scope is marked D.F. 10 x 80 to indicate its power. The manufacturer's markings were also stamped in and painted in white. They are Schneider optik kreusnach. The number 5370 was also added. This is probably a production number.

Many German items are currently being reproduced. It is becoming more difficult to be able to tell the fake ones from the real ones because the quality of the reproductions is improving. The collector must become familiarized with the construction style and materials employed in the manufacturing of the items. Attention to the details is critical in order to be able to determine the authenticity of a german military collectible.

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Mar 6th, 2017
German items that were used at the front during WWII have become collectibles. The item featured here is not hard to find. In general the appreciation has been good. Optics are highly sought after. It is expected that this trend will continue.

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