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GERMAN WWII HOMEFRONT AND MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS The following gallery features miscellaneous equipment and home front items that were issued to German armed forces and civilians during WWII.

The following section shows example of miscellaneous items that were issued during WWII. Whenever possible the artifacts are identified. In addition to that we provide a comprehensive price guide so that the visitor can find out the value of the different collectibles. We also provide an estimated index of the potential appreciation of the WWII German military antiques in the future. All data covers a period from 2006 to the present.

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The weapons employed by the German armed forces during WWII were advanced in design and for the most part very effective. Some of them were over-engineered and complex but in general they were very good weapons and layed the foundation for future weapons manufactured by the allied countries after the war.

This section of the website is dedicated to showing some of the German WWII weapons. Things like grenades, land mines, rifles, etc.

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The weapons of the Third Reich were legendary because of their accuracy, durability and ingenuity. This section of the webiste is dedicated to showcase some of the pistols and rifles that were used during the conflict.

WWI GERMAN ARMY STICK GRANADE Of very similar design to that used during WWII. metal cylinder holds the explosives. A clip is attached to one side to allow soldier to carry the grenade on side of the boot.

WWII GERMAN AIRCRAFT HAND DROPPED PROJECTILES metal construction projectile with four fins located at one end. The fins offer stability when dropping down. The most basic type of bomb.

GERMAN ARMY S-LAND MINE Also known as the "Bouncing Betty". The land mine is of cylindrical shape. It has a neck which ends with three wires sticking up at angles.

GERMAN ARMY PRACTICE STICK GRENADE In the same shape as the original grenade. Bearing the same weight. Green canister is filled with weights. Wooden handle. Used to learn how to throw the weapon.

GERMAN WWII RIFLE CLIPS Metal construction. Skeleton shape with the sides being cut-out. The back of the clip is often stamped with the shape of an eagle holding a swastika.

WWII GERMAN K-98 WINTER MUZZLE COVER Of metal construction. Covers the muzzle to protect the barrel from getting any snow inside.

WWII GERMAN ARMY MG42 AMMO/CLEAN BOXES This is a set of metal boxes that attached to the MG42 tripod. When deployed, one box contains ammunition while the other has two containers with oil and a cleanser.

WWII GERMAN ARMY ARTILLERY FUZE CONTAINER When artillery shells were transported the fuze at the very top was removed. This prevented any damage to the piece. The fuze was carried on a brown bakelite container.



The weapons of the Third Reich were legendary because of their accuracy, durability and ingenuity. This section of the webiste is dedicated to showcase some of the pistols and rifles that were used during the conflict.

WWII GERMAN MAUSER PISTOL MODEL HSC - The Mauser HSc is a 7.65mm pistol made in Nazi Germany during World War II and post-war. The HSc stood for Hahn Selbstspanner ("self-cocking hammer").

WWII GERMAN BROOM HANDLE PISTOL - The mauser C96 pistol was a semi-automatic gun manufactured by the Germans between 1896 and 1937.

WWII GERMAN LUGER PISTOL - This is the standard side arm for the German officers up until 1942. With origins dating back to WWI.

WWII GERMAN P-38 PISTOL - This is the sidearm that was used to replace the Luger. The caliber remained the 9 mm.

WWII GERMAN FLARE PISTOL - This is the flare pistol that was issued to members of the army.


Many soldiers from all branches of the military were issued optical devices. These instruments were used primarily in observation roles and as aiming devices for guns and artillery pieces. The quality of the optical equipment was quite good. Some of the equipment employed is shown here.

WWII GERMAN ARMY FLAK SCOPE Heavy duty construction. Tripod mounted Flak binoculars. Sighting assistant device is found on the top. Visor pad and lense light protectors are present.

WWII GERMAN OPTICAL TRIPOD Of heavy duty wooden construction. This is the tripod that was used for several of the optics in the military.

WWII GERMAN SUBMARINE BINOCULARS This is the set of binoculars that were issued to the U-Boats. Complete with the black leather case.


One of the most feared weapons employed during WWI was mustard gas. Soldiers from all sides suffered horrible consequences when the gas was inhaled or simply touched the skin. WWII did not see any use of gas attacks, probably because each side knew there would be a reprisal.

Every soldier from all sides were issued gas masks. The Germans were no exception. Both, civialian as well as military personnel had gas masks at their disposal at all times.

GERMAN ARMY GAS MASK AND CANISTER This is the military version of the gas mask. Complete with the metal carrying case. Issued to all soldiers.

WWII GERMAN ARMY GAS MASK FILTER This is the filter for the military gas mask. Complete with carrying cloth bag. The filter has Afrika Korps colors.

WWII GERMAN ARMY GAS MASK this is the gas mask that was issued to the civil defense forces in Germany during WWII. Known as the Luftschutz.

WWII GERMAN ARMY GAS MASK PRODUCED FOR SPANISH SOLDIERS The German armed forces assisted the Spanish rebels during the insurrection. This is one of the gas masks the rebels employed.

WWII GERMAN CIVILIAN GAS MASK In very good condition. This is the gas mask the German government issued to civilian personnel. Complete with the box, filter and instructions.


The German soldier went to combat with a whole array of state of the art equipment. German researchers developed alot of high quality items which included optics, communication and other type of gear. The soldier equipment made extensive used of leather products. Several of these items are covered on this section of the site.

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WWII GERMAN ARMY LEATHER COMBAT SUSPENDERS This is a set of German army load bearing suspenders. manufactured from a combunation of leather, canvis and metal. Connected with the soldier's belt.

WWII GERMAN ARMYLOAD BEARING SUSPENDERS This is a set of German load bearing suspenders. Black front with a brown backing. Multiple aluminum fittings are found. A small logo is found in one of the clips.

WWII GERMAN SA SHOULDER STRAP This is a brown leather strap employed with the SA dress uniform. The strap attached to one side of the belt, over the shoulder and to the oher side of the belt.

GERMAN ARMY WINTER CLOTH HOOD This is the cover that was used under the helmet in areas of extreme cold. The design of the cap is quilted. Gray in color.

GERMAN ARMY ENEMY FIRE FINDER This device was used by German soldiers in conjucntion with a map for the purpose of identifying where enemy fire was originating.

WWII GERMAN ARMY FLASHLIGHT This is a German field flashlight. A very interesting and complicated design. Hands off operation achieved by attaching the light to the button of a tunic.

WWII GERMAN ARMY COMMUNICATION BOX Heavy duty construction switch. A combination of wood and metal. Multitple pairs of connectors are found on one side. Complete with the leather carrying case.

WWII GERMAN ARMY COMPASS Heavy duty construction. Black metal body with a white arrow painted on one end. The letter "A" is painted on top of the lid. Ruler built to the side.

WWII GERMAN COME-ALONG HANDCUFFS This is a set of metal handcuffs. As used by the German security forces during WWII.

WWII GERMAN MILITARY DOG TAG The German dog tag consisted of a metal oval with perforations in the middle. The name and information was found on both halves.

WWII GERMAN ARMY DOG TAGS Made of metal. Oval shape with perforations down the center. If the solder fell the tag could be broken in half. The fellow soldier could take one half.

WWII GERMAN ARTILLERY SHELL HOLDER After an aritllery shell has been fired the cartridge must be extracted. It is very hot so a special cloth holder was deviced. Of canvis and cotton construction.

WWII GERMAN MILITARY PORTABLE SIREN Of metal construction and painted bright orange. the device is activated by pulling on the side cord. This generates a loud and sustained siren sound.

WWII GERMAN PHOTO ALBUM EAGLE ORNAMENT Of metal construction and measuring around 4 inches in length. These type of items were placed in the front cover of military photo albums.

WWII GERMAN GOGGLES This is a set of paper and plastic goggles issued in a cardboard envelope.

WWII GERMAN ARMY SHOVEL Rectangular shape head with a wooden handle. Some of the shovels have markings but this example does not.

GERMAN ARMY SHOVEL WITH LEATHER COVER Metal head with a wooden short handle. A sleeve extends down the handle. A reproduction leather carrying case is shown here.

GERMAN ARMY SHOVEL - RUSSIAN CAPTURED Metal head with a wooden short handle. A sleeve extends down the handle. A reproduction leather carrying case is shown here.

GERMAN SHOVEL WITH CANVIS COVER Very interesting design.

POSSIBLY GERMAN SHOVEL This may be a WWII German shovel.

POSSIBLY GERMAN PICK This may be a WWII German pick.


The German military and paramilitary forces employed various types of footwear. Most of them were made from leather. The following are some examples of the boots and shoes.

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WWII GERMAN ARMY OFFICER BOOTS This is the official set of boots used by Army officers. All leather construction. Black color. Tall style.

WWII GERMAN LUFTWAFFE PILOT BOOTS Of leather and chamois construction. The boots are the tall type. They have zippers along the side and straps in the front. Electrically heated. Heavily insulated.

WWII GERMAN ARMY SHORT BOOTS Field boots made from leather. Black color. Half height. Probably used by tank personnel. No markings.


The soldiers from all armies have basic needs: food and water. The items featured here were employed by the individual for substenance. A variery of mess kits, canteens and related items are displayed here. It is important to note that these are just some examples and do not encompass all the items that were issued to the soldier.

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WWII GERMAN ARMY CANTEEN AND CUP This is the standard canteen for the German armed forces. A brown wool cover is applied. The cap is plastic and attached to the body via the use of a leather strap.

LUFTWAFFE SPOON, FORK AND KNIFE SET This is a set of field silverware that was issued to Luftwaffe personnel. The knife is missing. The different components slide inside the can opener and lock in place.

GERMAN AFRIKAKORPS CANTEEN This item is similar to the standard German canteen except that it has a wooden veneer. Another difference is the canteen harness. This one is made of canvis.

GERMAN LUFTWAFFE BREAD BAG STRAP This is a cloth strap that attached to the breadbag so the soldier could carry it as a shoulder bag. Leather enforcements are found on each end. Metal hooks are attached.

GERMAN ARMY SPOON AND FORK Of aluminum construction. The spoon and fork were loosely attached at the center. The soldier could rotate the piece he wanted to use. markings are normally stamped.

WWII GERMAN ARMED FORCES BREAD BAGS The soldier carried basic personal items in a cloth bag. It had two loops on top and a cloth loop in the center. The bag attaches to the soldier's belt.

WWII GERMAN THERMOS This is a civilian thermos. As used during WWII. Brown colored body with a handle on the side.


The German people under the Third Reich regime were highly encouraged to display the symbols of the Reich. This was evident in every day life events such as funerals. When flowers, wreaths or photos were displayed at a military or civiliam funeral a cloth showing the swastika was customarily attached to it.

Sometimes the name of a famous individual was written on the funeral sash. That does not mean that the funeral was for that individual but rather that the individual sent his/her condolences to the deceased. Sometimes the name of an organization was displayed.

Other forms in which pride and support for the Reich could be shown was to drape tables and podiums with cloth bearing the swastika.

WWII GERMAN FUNERAL SASH It was customary in Third Reich Germany to send a sash to a funeral of a Nazi party member, soldier or person otherwise connected to the Third Reich. This is an example of a sash.

WWII GERMAN FUNERAL FLAG This sash has a white circle with a black swastika at one end. It was issued in the city of Munchen. Other words are painted on the main body.

WWII GERMAN PODIUM OR TABLE POLITICAL CLOTH This is a rectangular section of cloth with a large white circle placed at the center. A black swastika is found inside the circle. A gold border is applied to the perimeter.

WWII GERMAN NSV FUNERAL BOW This is a red cloth construction bow. A white circle is found on each leg. A black swastika is placed in the middle of the circle. Fringes found at bottom.

WWII GERMAN FUHRER SASH This is a funeral sash sent by Hitler. A very rare item. Red cloth construction with the Reichstach symbol on one side and a political eagle on the other.

WWII GERMAN BURCKEL FUNERAL FLAG This is a funeral sash sent by Josef Burckel who held the title a Nazi party leader for the Gau of Westmark. Red cloth construction with fringes on the ends.


Germany developed a large number of organizations under the Hitler regime. The ultimate goal of these groups was to keep a tight control of people and dissent. However, these groups also provided a wide array of services. Most of these organizations issued pins to indicate membership. this section of the website is dedicated to the study of such pins.

To better understand the purpose of some of the military, civilian and political organizations of the Third Reich visit our Third Reich Organizations guide where a definition of duties and other data is found.

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WWII NSF (Frauenschaft) MEMBERSHIP PIN Of triangular shape and metal construction. This membership badge has an enameling front with red letters across the top. A swirl type swastika and a modified letter Y.

WWII NSF (Frauenschaft) MEMBERSHIP PIN This is a membership pin for the NSF organization. Of metal construction. Triangular shape. Non-enameled version.

WWII GERMAN LUFTSPORT MEMBERSHIP PIN This is a membership pin for a civilian aviation organization. Of metal construction with an orange plastic center. A gold metal plane is attached to the middle.

WWII GERMAN DLB MEMBERSHIP PIN Of metal construction. Round shape with enamel front. The outer perimeted consists of a white circle with the words "Danziger Luftschutzbund" written inside.

WWII GERMAN DRV MEMRSHIP PIN - Of metal construction. In the shape of a diamond with a wreath placed in the center. A swastika is found inside the wreath. The letters DJRA are located in each corner.

WWII GERMAN NSD MEMRSHIP PIN Of metal construction. Design consists of a circle with a swastika in the center. A helmet is placed in front of the swastika.

WWII GERMAN NSFK MEMRSHIP PIN This is the pin for the civilian aviation organization. Of metal construction. The design consists of a circle with the NSFK man/logo in the center.

WWII GERMAN EASTERN PEOPLE MEMRSHIP PIN This pin was issued to members of the national Union in Hungary. Of metal construction with an enameled front. The border is green with a white center.


WWII GERMAN RED CROSS MEMRSHIP PIN Of metal construction. in the shape of an eagle with the wings in the retracted position. A swastika is placed in the chest. A red cross by the feet.

WWII GERMAN RED CROSS AUXILIARY MEMRSHIP PIN Of metal construction. Oval shape. the front is enameled. A black band covers the perimeter. the center is white and has an eagle atop a red cross.

WWII GERMAN RED CROSS MEMRSHIP PIN This is the larger version of the membership pin. The design in the front is identical to the smaller version. The back has a pin attached.


Soldiers have always carried personal items to the front. The things that were taken depended on who the soldier was. The following are some examples of the type of items that German soldiers employed.

Additional items that are covered in this page are those of the homefront. From worker Id's to books and other.

While the items illustrated here are for display only, you may be able to find similar items for sale by visiting our store .

WWII HITLER BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION COIN Hitler's birthday was celebrated in part by issuing commemorative coins. One side shows Hitler's profile. The other side shows a house.

WWII GERMAN GOLD DONATION COIN During the war, the government asked private citizens to contribute gold to finance the war. When a donation was made a coin was given in recognition.

WWII GERMAN CAR LICENSE TAG This is a round aluminum piece that has a political eagle in the center. A rivet is also in the middle. Several words are written in the perimeter.

WWII LUFWAFFE EMPLOYEE BADGE Personnel who worked in factories providing equipment to the Luftwaffe were identified by the use of this badge. Featuring a Luftwaffe eagle in the center. A number is placed just below.

WWII GERMAN RLB PIN Ofmetal construction. Stamped with a hollowed back. Cut-out oval shape with an aircraft facing down over a house with the RLB logo.

WWII GERMAN WHW CONTRIBUTIOIN TINNIE This is a Contribution tinnie issued by the WHW. Of glass construction. Oval shape. Displays face of a man.

GERMAN WWII POSTAGE STAMPS There was a great variety of stamps produced during the Third Reich. Most of them had a swastika built into the design. These are some examples of the stamps.

WWII GERMAN "MY FIGHT" BOOK BY HITLER This is a book that was written by Hitler while he was in prispon for 5 years in 1923. Two volume set. Shows the picture of Hitler in the cover.

WWII GERMAN HITLER WALL PLAQUE During Hitler's reign he ordered that his profile be placed in many different locations. The item featured here is a metal wall plate. Could have been found in a government building.

WWII GERMAN RLB MATCH HOLDER This was a novelty type item that was sold at curiosity shops. The match holder displays the logo of the RLB. This was an early aviation club.

WWII GERMAN SS CUFFLINKS This is an interesting item. It was not officially issued by the SS. More than likely it was custom made or purchased at a local store.

WWII GERMAN ARMY WATCH PHOB Pocket watches were a popular thing in 1940's Germany. There were a large assortment of watch phobes available in the market. This one features Germany's national colors.

WWII GERMAN HITLER METAL TAG This is one of many items that were produced with Hitler's profile on them. Bronze color metal tag that could have been attached to a belt or similar item.

WWII GERMAN RAD SPORTS SWIMSUIT Of cotton construction. Dark blue color with the RAD insignia displayed on one side. Draw string type swimsuit.

WWII GERMAN ARMY TOY FLAG germany during the Third Reich produced a series of military toys designed to entice kids to join the military when they grew up. This flag was produced as part of a soldier's set.

WWII GERMAN TOY SUBMARINE This is a very cool looking tin submarine. Complete with a conning tower and propellor. A cannon is found on deck.

WWII GERMAN SHOOTING MEDAL This is a 1941 award issued to individuals who excelled in shooting. Round metal award with a large red eagle in front. The date is placed at the feet of the bird.

WWII GERMAN SHOOTING MEDAL Of metal construction. Gold color with a green wreath border. Dated 1941. Complete with a white ribbon which has orange stripes on the sides.

WWII GERMAN MUSICIAN MEDAL this is a medal issued for participating in a musical or band event. Of metal construction. one side shows a harp.

WWII GERMAN PHOTO ALBUM ORNAMENT Several of the photo albums during WWI and WWII had leather covers. It was common to find metal ornaments attached to them.

WWII GERMAN CASTLE METAL MOLD Of metal construction. In the shape of the entrance of a castle. This is a mold that could be used to cut cookies or clay items.

WWII GERMAN POLICE GORGET Of Aluminum construction. Multi-piece design with a large eagle in the front. The items painted in yellow are luminiscent. A nice addition to any uniform.

WWII GERMAN LADY WHW CONTRIBUTION TINNIE Of glass construction. This is a rectangular contribution tinnie that was given out by the WHW to individuals who donated to the organization.

WWII GERMAN WHW CONTRIBUTION TINNIE This is another example of the glass contribution tinnies that were given during the Third Reich. Rectangular shape. Hand painted.

WWII GERMAN TOP TOY Of wooden construction. This is a top in the shape of a lady. A stick protrudes from the person's head to allow teh kid to spin the toy.

WWII GERMAN GLASS WHW CONTRIBUTION TINNIE Oval shape. Of glass construction. The contribution tinnie features the peofile of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. a string is attached to the top.

WWII GERMAN BISMARCK GLASS CONTRIBUTION TINNIE Yellow color. Of glass construction. oval shape with the image of Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck in the center. Issued by the WHW.

WWII GERMAN SS EAR RINGS This is a set of civilian ear rings with a black surface bearing the SS runnes in gold.

WWII GERMAN HITLER WALL PLAQUE This is a metal, rectangular wall plaque. The front shows a profile of Hitler's head. The back has manufacturing information.

WWII GERMAN ARMY PORTRAIT This is a nice photo portrait of a German soldier. Complete with the original frame.


This section of the website is dedicated to the money that was used during the Third Reich. From silver coins to brass coins to bills. Examples are given of various types of currency that was used during WWI and WWII.

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WWII GERMAN 1 PFENNIG COIN The coin has a brass finish. The front shows an eagle with the wings spread open, clutching a wreath with a swastika inside. The back has a large number 1.

WWII GERMAN 5 DEUTSCHES REICH MARK COIN Metal construction. One side shows an eagle with the wings spread open and clutching a wreath with a swastika inside of it. The other side shows the head of Hindenburg.

WWII GERMAN 10 PFENNIG COIN The coin is silver in color. The front shows an eagle standing atop a wreath with a swastika inside it.

WWII GERMAN 2 REICHSMARK BILL The bill is in fair condition. It shows circulation wear. The back has a large number 2 in the center with the word Reichsmark going through the center.

WWII GERMAN 5 REICHSMARK BILL The bill has an intricate design. The front has the number 5 next to the eagle with swastika on the left side. The back has a large blank section on the right side.

WWII GERMAN 10 REICHSMARK BILL Another intricately designed bill. The end have blank spaces on both sides. The front shows the face of a person. The back has three figures displayed.

WWII GERMAN 20 REICHSMARK BILL The bill has the image of a lady holding a flower. The number 20 is placed in the opposite side. The back of the bill shows the scene of a landscape with a man to each side.


The various military and paramilitary organizations of the Third Reich had their own silverware and dishes made. These items were used in mess halls, officer quarters and other venues. Sometimes the china was used for special occasions and sometimes it was for every day use.

This section of the website is dedicated to the stidy of German WWII China and silverware. None of these items are available for sale. However, you may be able to see similar items for purchasing by going to our Store .

WWII GERMAN POLICE MUG White porcelain coffee mug with the police eagle painted in green color placed at the front of the dish.

WWII GERMAN PLATE FROM WORKER UNION Dated 1940. This is a white porcelain china as used in the political mess halls. The back displays the manufacturer's logo. Made in Duseldorf.

WWII GERMAN ARMY SALT AND PEPPER CONTAINER White porcelain dish in the shape of a number 8. Where each circle is a container. One holds the salt. The other the pepper. Army eagle is stamped in back.

WWII GERMAN NAZI PARTY SHOT GLASS Clear glass with a red circle that has a swastika in the center. This is a whiskey shot glass. The words "Heil Hitler" are built into the body.

WWII GERMAN LUFTWAFFE MESS BOWL White porcelain bowl. Used in the officer's mess halls. The back is stamped with the Luftwaffe eagle. Dated 1941. Manufactured by the Tielsch-Altwasser company.

WWII GERMAN UNION HALL MESS DISH White porcelain serving dish. Dated 1938. Used in political type mess halls. The back bears the manufacturer's logo with initials LHS. Manufactured in Bavaria.

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