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The 2nd Model Luftwaffe dagger was manufactured in relatively large numbers. Several companies were awarded contracts to produce these items. it is possible to have an original dagger that does not have any manufacturing marks on the blade.
The manufacturer marking was stamped at the base of the blade. Only one side would bear the stamp. The fact that the stamp has been placed on the blade does not mean that the factory produced it. several companies would buy the blank blades from a different source and then place their stamp on the final product.

We have not seen RZM numbers stamped on the blades of 2nd Model Luftwaffe daggers. It is unclear if these numbers were never used in this type of dagger or if it is simply that we have not seen a sample yet.

The following is a sample of some of the WWII Luftwaffe 2nd Model Dagger manufacturer markings . This is not a complete list.

WKC of Solingen is one of the most reputable edge weapon maker of the Third Reich period. They manufactured 2nd model Luftwaffe daggers along with many other baldes. They were known for their attention to detail and their ability to produce high quality daggers.

Their trademark logo consisted of the upper torso half of a knight wearing armor. The letters WKC were written just below the logo.

Alcoso of Solingen is another well known maker of German WwII daggers. Among their products, they are known to manufacture SA, 2nd Model Luftwaffe and other daggers.

Their logo consists of the drawing of a scale with the letters ACS distributed in a triangular fashion around the logo. The name ALCOSO is written above the logo.

RICHABR HERDER is a lesser known manufacturer of Luftwaffe Second model daggers. Also based in the city of Solingen.

Its logo consisted of a four point star in the center of an ellipse where the name of the manufacturer followed the contour in the upper section, while the name of the city was displayed in the lower portion.

E. & F. Horster is a well known maker of the 2nd Model Luftwaffe dagger. Based in Solingen during WWII. This company was responsible for a fair amount of the production of these daggers.

The logo for Horster consisted of two letters "H" One small, the other larger, inset one in front of the other with a sword placed in the middle of both letetrs. The letter "S" is placed near the tip of the sword. Everything is enclosed in an oval shape with the name of the company displayed following the upper contour while the word "Solingen" is shown in the lower section.

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