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like all other daggers, the 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger was meant to be worn at special events. Parades, dinner parties, weddings, etc. were all a common place where the soldier could proudly display his edge weapon.

The primary means for wearing the dagger was a cloth hanger which attaches to the scabbard's two rings via the use of clips. On the other side, a single clip attached to a special device sewn to the inside of the uniform. When purchasing the hanger the soldier was presented the choice of the level of quality. There were simple hangers or highly elegant models. Price may have been an issue in making the choice.

The bottom right photo shows the construction of the hanging strap. The material used for the back was felt-like. Of a darker green shade in color. It is important to note that more than likely there will be differences in the color between two or more hanger samples because the die lot controls were not as stringent as they are today or the factories may have chosen to use a slightly different shade of blue.

The front section of the hanger was colored blue and had a white stripe running to each side. Once again, differences in color are likely to occur between hangers. Grommets and buckles were placed to allow the length of the hanger to be adjusted. Oakleaves adorned the face of the buckles. The quality of this ornamentation would vary depending on the manufacturer.

The bottom left photo shows the clips used to secure the hanger to the scabbard of the dagger. Oakleaves were placed on the face of the clip. The back side was normally stamped "D.R.G.M". although sometimes there are no markings.

The portapee was another way in which the 2nd Model Lufwaffe dagger could be enhanced. Of silver color, it would be tied to the handle.
Manufactured of silver bullion. the portapee consisted of a looped string with a large knot at it's end. The design of the knot is fairly complex, with several strands of string wooven tightly. some horizontally and some vertically.

Reproductions of the portapees for various daggers are currently being manufactured in China, India and Pakistan. However, the materials being employed are not ususally of the same quality as those used during WWII.

The following are photographs of different 2nd model Luftwaffe daggers. Even though they are all the same dagger it is interesting to note the differences in construction techniques between the manufacturers.

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