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All armies of the world have used helmets to protect their troops during combat. There is a large variety of helmet shapes and designs. This fact has helped propelled the field of collecting helmets. While the hobby has growing popularity the value of the items has increased.

This section of the website provides a pictorial guide to the various helmets that were used by countries during the periods of WWI through today. This is also an identification and price guide for collectible helmets around the world.


This section of the website covers the various US combat helmets. From all the braches. Ranging from WWI to the present.

The history of the modern US combat helmet can be traced back to 1917. As the war in Europe intensified, the number of casualties incremented. Many of the soldiers had head wounds produced by sharpnel. It was clear that head protection was needed. Since the US did not have a helmet design at the time, it turned towards its allies. England stepped forward and provided a large number of helmets to the US troops. This was the birth of the M-1917 helmet. Also identified as Doughboy helmet.

The M-1917 saw action in WWI and the early days of WWII. Between the years of 1917 and 1936, US companies were producing a series of experimental helmets. The development program was lead by Major Bradford Dean, who chaired the Armor Committee of the American Counsel of National Research. We have managed to get a hold of several of these helmets and are featuring them on this page.

The year 1941 saw the birth of the next generation of American combat helmets. The M-1, perhaps the most recognizable icon of WWII, was adopted for use by all troops. Much of the design for the helmet came from the work of John T Ridell. One of the different aspects of this helmet is that the liner and the helmet shell were two separate pieces which could be used independently.

The last of the American combat helmets, which is currently in use, is known as the Kevlar helmet. Introduced into combat in 1983 with the invasion of Granada. The helmet was designed by Phillip Durand and Lawrence Macmanus. The helmet went back to being a single piece. Liner and shell were integrated again. A 25% more protection than the M-1 helmet was achieved with the new design.

The following information will help the enthusiast identify US Military helmets. It also contains a price guide to establish the value of the helmet.

Experimental WWI US
Liberty Bell model Helmet
Experimental WWI Helmet Liberty Bell model Experimental WWI Helmet 1917 Model 2 Experimental WWI Helmet 1917 Model 5A

Experimental WWI US Model 8A Helmet WWII USMC M1 Helmet Camouflaged Fixed bail WWI US Army 33rd Division Helmet US Army M1 Helmet ERDL Vietnam War

Vietnam War USMC Tanker Helmet WWI US Civilian Cloth Flight Helmet WWII US Army Fixed Bail Helmet Vietnam War US Navy Pilot Helmet

Vietnam War US Tanker Helmet 1983 US Army M-1 Helmet Liner 1948 USMC Tropical Helmet 1980 US Army Paratrooper Helmet

WWII US M-1 Helmet with Net WWII AN H-15 Summer Flihgt Helmet WWII US Army Brodie Helmet WWII US M-1 Helmet with Hawley Liner

WWII US M-1 Helmet with Hawley Liner WWII US M-1 Helmet Leadership stripe 1983 US Army M-1 Helmet WWII US M-1 Helmet Fixed Bail

WWII US Army M-1 Liner Leadership Stripe 1960's USMC Tropical Sun Helmet Vietnam war US Army Tanker Helmet WWII US Army M-1 Helmet Liner

WWI 3rd Division US Doughboy Helmet WWII US Army Tanker Helmet WWII USMC Camouflaged M-1 Helmet WWII US Contractor Helmet (Liner)

WWII US Army D-Ring Paratrooper Helmet


This section of the page covers helmets from the WWI and WWII era. The German helmet has a very distinctive appearance. The helmets worn in WWII had few differences from the helmets employed in WWI.

The model 1916 was issued to members of the Imperial German Army as a replacement of the pickelhaube, which did not offer enough protection to the wearer. The new style of helmets provided alot more protection to the neck section. The 1916 model was used at the begining of the Third Reich. The only change to it was the addition of the Swastika sticker. This helmet was replaced in 1935 by the M-35 helmet. Although replaced, the M-1916 helmet continued in service with civilian and foreign units clear until the end of the war.

The M-35 helmet was replaced by the M-1943 helmet. Due to cost and efficiency reasonf the M-43 helmet was stamped of a single sheet of metal without the rolling of the edges.

All German helmets were painted inside and out. This would prevent the formation of rust. The helmets were produced in 5 different sizes. This covered the entire population. Stickers were applied to the side to designate branch of service or special units.

Determining which type of German WWII helmet you have and how much it is worth is always an interesting exercise. The data provided here will help you do both. Identify the type of helmet you have and determine its value.

WWII german Luftschutz
Firefighter Helmet
WWII German Rural Police
SS M-35 Helmet
WWII Luftwaffe M-40
Single Decal Helmet
WWII German Army M-35
Double Decal Helmet

WWII German Luftschutz
Civil Defense Helmet
WWII German M-35
Double Decal SS Helmet
WWII German Luftschutz
Civil Defense Helmet
WWII German Double
Decal Luftwaffe Helmet

WWII German Volunteer
M-35 Helmet
WWII German Army
M-1942 Helmet
WWII German M-42
Folk Art Helmet
German 1800's Firefighter
Leather Helmet

WWII German Army
M-1942 DAK Helmet
WWII German M-1942
RAD Helmet
WWII German Army Winter
M-1940 Camo Helmet
WWII German M35 Wire
Covered Helmet

Late WWI German Felt
Pickelhaube Helmet
German 1800's
Firefighter Helmet
Post War German
Tanker Helmet
WWI German Army
M-16 Helmet

M-42 Single Decal
Luftwaffe Helmet
WWII German Army
Tropical Helmet
WWII German Police
WWII German Luftwaffe
Paratrooper Helmet

WWII German Army Single Decal Helmet WWII Bulgarian Helmet


This section of the website covers British helmets employed during the WWI and WWII era. When the United States entered WWII its army was ill prepared. Lack of training and proper equipment plagued the country. Great Brittain helped the war effort by providing the US with helmets.

The information presented here will assist the collector identify the type of British helmet at hand. It will also help determine its worth.
British Air Defense
Zuckerman Helmet
WWII British Army
Paratrooper Helmet
WWII British Army
Artillery Helmet
WWII British Air
Defense Zuckerman Helmet

WWII British Army
MK II Helmet
WWII British Motorcycle
Dispatch Rider Helmet
WWII British Turtle Shell
MK III Helmet


This section of the website covers the combat helmets employed during WWII and beyonf by a variety of countries. These helmets are difficult to acquire. The following is a guide to help the militaria collector identify Duth helmets and determine what they are worth.
WWI M16 Dutch Army
1960's Czech Army Helmet WWII (1930's) Polish
Army Wz31 Helmet
WWII Sweedish Army
M-1926 Helmet


This section of the website covers the helmets employed by Japan during WWII. The information found here will assist the military collector get a better understanding of the type of helmet and what is worth in the present market.

WWII Japanese Army
Helmet with Liner
WWII Japanese Security
Police Helmet
WWII Japanese Army
WWII Japanese Army
Tropical Helmet
WWII Japanese Civil
Defense Helmet
WWII Japanese Army
Painted Helmet


This section of the website covers helmets that were used by the Spanish Army during WWII. The Spanish helmet had a great deal of German influence because Germany equiped the Spanish armed forces during its civil war. The helmets from both countries are so similar that often times people believe that the Spanish helmet is a German helmet.

The following is an identification guide for vintage military helmets of Spain. In addition information is provided regarding the current market value of the helmet.

Spanish Army Post WWII M42 Helmet


The French armed forces have employed a variety of helmets. This section of the website will study those employed between the periods of WWI and WWII.

The following data helps the military enthusiast identify the type of French military helmet collectible at hand and its present market value.

WWII French M36 Anti-
Aircraft Artillery Helmet
WWII French Army
Adrian M-15 Helmet
WWII Adrian Helmet
Model M26 Helmet
WWII Adrian Helmet
Model M26 Helmet

1950's French Police

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